Global Industrial Park Knowledge Platform

The Industrial Park Platform facilitates the exchange of lessons learned, best practices and innovative ideas among countries to help them replicate and upscale industrial zone-related best practices contributing to the attainment of SDGs.


SDG2: Zero hunger
SDG8: Decent work and economic growth
SDG9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
SDG13: Climate action
Industrial park development
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The Industrial Park Platform (IPP) offers integrated knowledge services through its various components, including an industrial parks guide, a partnership portal, expert networking, an interview corner, best practice solutions, a publication corner, and an e-learning portal.  It offers stakeholders a platform to expedite dialogue, share knowledge, and exchange best practices, contributing to economic growth driven by industrial parks while promoting social inclusion and environmental protection. The platform's four key features are Connect, Disseminate, Promote, and Capacitate.  

The E-learning portal of IPP currently hosts three self-paced courses covering all stages of industrial park development: