Industrial policies for a Circular Economy: A Training Programme for Policymakers from Developing Countries



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United Nations Industrial Development Organization

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7 days
56 hours

Course summary

This course offers solid training in the foundations of circular economy, making use of a dynamic mix of lecture-based and participatory teaching methods to enhance the capabilities of mid-to-high-level policymakers from developing countries.

About this course

The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development encompasses a wide array of indicators inducing policymakers to gain a growing awareness of the integration of industrial policy and circular industrial production practices. The UNIDO training course on Circular Economy provides participants with the opportunity to understand core concepts associated with circular economy and creates the premises to put its principles into practice, thereby supporting the improvement of the industry’s environmental and socio-economic performance. The participants earn the main strategies to increase the overall efficiency of the economic system and the major policy instruments that can be adopted to support the transition. They are invited to apply the lessons learned to identify actions aiming at developing a circular economy strategy, with a particular focus on the sets of products that are relevant for a specific country. The course lasts around one week and it includes face to face lectures, meetings with experts and representatives from the public and private sectors, group work, and a field trip related to industrial sites practicing circular economy. The following topics are covered during the course: Industrial policy and its connection with circular economy, product design, circularity in the production, use and consumption phase, product life extension and the bio-circular cycle. At the end of the course, successful participants are awarded a certificate of attendance.

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Mr. Frank Brugger

Mr. Nicola Cantore

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Target audience

Policymakers working in the Ministry of Industry (or similar entities) from developing countries

Learning objectives

  • Understand the key principles of circular economy;
  • Gain an awareness of the modalities of integration between industrial policy and circular economy;
  • Start thinking about an action plan for the implementation of circular economy in the target countries.

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