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UN SDG:Learn Blogs present a series of blogs with a reflection on sustainable development governance, policies and actions. The blogs aim to strengthen conceptual and practical knowledge, spread ideas, share practical experiences and pinpoint important but understudied or under-discussed challenges related to the implementation of the SDGs. It will do so by highlighting a certain theme relevant for the SDGs throughout each series of blogs and interviews over a defined period of time, on the one hand, and by generating relevant micro-learning to meet the needs of UNSDG:Learn users – current and future – when it comes to short bits of learning on key SDG topics, on the other. You will hear from a range of experts, incl. UN experts, scholars, other practitioners, representatives of various stakeholder groups, or all those who have something important to say on the issue at stake.

UN SDG:Learn Blog
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Upgrading SMEs in creative industries

UN SDG:LearnBlog


Riccardo Savigliano

The article provides an overview of UNIDO technical assistance projects and tools targeting SMEs and their clusters active in the creative industry. It explores how digitalization-based business management practices, industrial design, branding are strategically linked to local cultural heritage.

Sustainability of SMEs, the how and why

UN SDG:LearnBlog


Robert Marinkovic

IOE is fully aware of the crucial role SMEs play in improving the business environment at the country level and needs to be involved in more public-private collaboration and discussion. SMEs face many challenges, conventional and novel, and we have to think differently about how best to help them.