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Can blockchain technology help achieve the SDGs?

UN SDG:LearnPodcast


Thy-Diep "Yip" Ta, Co-Founder

Blockchain technology has been leveraged in humanitarian settings to deliver cash to beneficiaries, eliminate illegal fishing, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But what makes this technology a viable option to achieve the SDGs? Listen to Thy-Diep "Yip" Ta of UNIT Ventures to learn more.

How can we a positive future with Artificial Intelligence?

UN SDG:LearnPodcast


Jeanne Lim, CEO

Artificial intelligence has been used in disaster responses and prevention. It also has the potential to achieve 134 targets of the SDGs. But there are also several issues around AI that humans fear of. In this episode, Jeanne Lim of beingAI talks about a compassionate AI for a sustainable future.

Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Forum of the United Nations

UN SDG:LearnPodcast


Mr. Sergiy Kyslytsya, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Mr. Kennedy Godfrey Gastorn, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Tanzania to the United Nations

Science and technology intricately mesh together with society. You cannot see one without the other. In this episode, we speak with the Science, Technology, and Innovation co-chairs of the STI Forum–Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya and Ambassador Kennedy Godfrey Gastorn to talk about STI for the future.