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Author Li, T., Belo, R., Roy, D., van Dalen, J., Schipper, G., Chen, X., Cornelius, P., van Rinsum, M., De Vries, J., Ketter, W., Rooderkerk, R., Gilbert, R.

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We are in an age of profound digital transformation. Great strides in artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, the rapid evolution of the Internet of Things and Big Data, necessitates that organisations at all levels of society acquire new sets of skills and new ways of thinking if they are to create long-term value from the oceans of data that these technologies generate.

You will find these articles to be enlightening as you strive to not just embrace but also harness the power of the digital transformation era we are now in.


  • A big tent for big data
  • Proactive beats reactive in churn management
  • Understanding the power of social influence marketing
  • Customer loyalty and queuing: was it worth the wait?
  • How customer investors can aid crowdfunding success
  • Balancing power grids with electric vehicles
  • How to improve project funding decisions
  • Omnichannel retailing: making smarter choices

RSM Discovery is a gateway magazine for business leaders to access fresh management research from RSM faculty members, aiming to bridge academic management research and the practical business practices necessary for executive management in industry. Each quarterly issue provides a short summary, typically two pages, translating a selection of impactful research publications from academic papers to practical business articles for senior executives. Previously known as RSM Insight, the magazine has been renamed RSM Discovery. It combines challenging articles with videos and interviews.

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