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Author Leroy, H., Ohms, V., Stam, D., van Dijke, M., Giessner, S., Klapper, H., Glaser, L., Isaakyan, S., Lam, H., Reus, T., Gilbert, R.

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Sustainable Development Goals
Decent work and economic growth

Leadership refers to how some people influence others towards common goals. It is an incredibly broad concept that not only refers to many different phenomena, but is also enacted in a variety of different contexts and can be studied from many theoretical perspectives.

Individual CEOs and presidents are leaders, but so are middle managers and team members. And they deal with a lot of issues concerning decisionmaking, motivation, self-regulation, organisational design, team dynamics, and politics, to name just a few areas. This edition of RSM Discovery magazine embodies this diversity in leadership.

Clearly research on leadership is valuable to the extent that it is rigorous, novel and useful. But this is not enough. Only when we embrace the variety of perspectives that we can bring to bear on leadership phenomena can we really start to understand what leadership entails and how it works.


  • Taking the lead in leadership development
  • Responsible leadership: creating shared value
  • Shaping the leaders of tomorrow
  • Leadership: why many heads are better than one
  • Lonely at the top? Try the middle!
  • Employee motivation in times of organisational hardship
  • Leadership without leaders: learning from Wikipedia
  • Employee voice: an important dynamic in changing times
  • The importance of leadership throughout the M&A process

RSM Discovery is a gateway magazine for business leaders to access fresh management research from RSM faculty members, aiming to bridge academic management research and the practical business practices necessary for executive management in industry. Each quarterly issue provides a short summary, typically two pages, translating a selection of impactful research publications from academic papers to practical business articles for senior executives. Previously known as RSM Insight, the magazine has been renamed RSM Discovery. It combines challenging articles with videos and interviews.

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