Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade Implementation Survey in the Arab Region 2017

Policy paper about Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade Implementation Survey in the Arab Region 2017.


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Trade facilitation and paperless trade
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In September 2014, the United Nations Regional Commissions (UNRCs) including ECA, ECE, ECLAC, ESCAP and ESCWA initiated a global survey to collect data and information on trade facilitation and paperless trade implementation from their respective member states. Conducted in collaboration with UNCTAD, OECD, ITC, OCO and SELA, the results of the survey are expected to enable countries and their development partners to better understand and monitor progress in trade facilitation, support evidence-based policy-making, identify good practices and identify capacity building and technical assistance needs. The global survey represents a key initiative under the framework of the Joint UNRC Approach to Trade Facilitation, which was agreed upon by the Executive Secretaries of the five UNRCs in Beirut (January 2010) to enable the UNRCs to present a joint (global) view on key trade facilitation issues. The questionnaire for the global survey was jointly prepared and finalized by UNRCs and OECD to ensure data could be shared and compared. This survey is conducted every two years. The first one took place in 2015. The regional report is part of this global survey effort. It is prepared by Adel Alghaberi, First Economic Affairs Officer, Regional Integration Section, Economic Development & Globalization Division, ESCWA with support by Roula Milan, Admin assistant and interns Yasmine Mohaydali and Rabieh Elhabta, and in collaboration with Trade Facilitation Unit, Trade and Investment Division, ESCAP.