SPS course series 1 - Overview of the SPS Agreement and Committee

This course provides an overview of the SPS Agreement and Committee.


SDG17: Partnerships for the goals
SDG 17: Trade
Food security
food security

This course explains the objectives, history, structure, scope of the SPS Agreement and its basic obligations. It also explains the activities of the SPS Committee.

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Target Audience

Government officials from developing and least-developed countries.

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will learn about:

  • The objectives, history, structure and scope of the SPS Agreement, as well as its relationship with other WTO Agreements (Module 1);
  • The basic obligations under the SPS Agreement (Article 2). These disciplines demand that SPS measures be supported by science and applied only to the extent necessary, and prohibit the application of SPS measures in a discriminatory fashion or as disguised restrictions on international trade (Module 2);
  • The structure of the entire SPS Agreement (Module 3). This will serve as preparation for Courses 2 and 3, which will delve into the provisions in more depth;
  • The activities of the SPS Committee, a WTO body in which Members regularly convene to discuss the practical implementation of the SPS Agreement (Module 4). The SPS Committee will also be discussed in more depth in Course 4.