Speechwriting and Public Speaking Skills for Multilateral Diplomacy: Cases and Insights from the United Nations

Effective communication is fundamental to successful diplomacy, specifically in times of crisis marked by high levels of uncertainty. Delivering one’s message is key to work together efficiently and to overcome challenges at both the individual and organisational level.


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SDG16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
SDG17: Partnerships for the goals
Enhancing Multilateral Diplomacy
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The aim of the virtual course is to guide the participants in making the content of their speeches pertinent and engaging, and in giving the impression of spontaneity and confidence while delivering the message to their audience, drawing on the latest techniques in the art of writing and rhetoric (the skill of oration and persuasion). The participants will be able to identify areas they need to improve, and the mentors will provide feedback enabling the participants to make adjustments and advances.

By examining the essential professional qualities needed to sustain the world of multilateral diplomacy, participants will acquire high-level public speaking and speechwriting competences. The ultimate objective is to strengthen the individual’s resilience under uncertainty, and to enable them to work efficiently during these challenging times.

The course will take place via the online platform Zoom. The activities will be designed to be highly interactive, characterised by a similar format to face-to-face courses. As a result, a similar level of engagement will be guaranteed through simulations, group exercises and discussions, hands-on assignments whenever possible, and Q&A sessions.

Highly experienced guest speakers from various backgrounds will share their unique experiences in public speaking and speechwriting providing participants with best practice examples to solving unforeseen challenges in the field of multilateral diplomacy.

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Target Audience

The virtual course aims at strengthening the individual capacity of growth-oriented professionals working in a multilateral diplomatic professional environment, who are or aim to be in high-level roles requiring pivotal professional skills such as public speaking and speechwriting.

Specifically, this course is designed for mid to senior level staff in peacekeeping and political missions of the UN and regional organisations (AU, OSCE, EU, etc.), diplomats, those working in governments, non-governmental organisations, and academic institutions.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply speechwriting and public speaking skills and techniques, including preparation, structure, and delivery in face-to-face and online formats;
  • Acquire essential principles of the art and craft of speechwriting and delivering speeches;
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses as speakers and writers;
  • Develop their personal writing and presentation style and tailor it to respective audiences;
  • Demonstrate the ability to use voice and words to effect when giving speeches or presentations: wording, diction, intonation, rhythm, and pacing;
  • Implement acquired tools for combating public speaking anxiety.