Gender Matters

This course offers a brief overview of key concepts related to gender. This conversation is continuously evolving and there are a lot of nuances.


SDG5: Gender equality
Women’s leadership
gender equality
conflict resolution

This microlearning course offers a brief overview of key concepts related to gender.

This course is part of the One UNITAR Gender initiative, which aims to empower more women around the world, especially in developing countries and least developed countries, to strengthen their leadership skills and feel empowered to apply and share their knowledge with others.

You can complete this mobile learning course in only 60 minutes. The course is easily accessible on a phone or tablet at your own pace. If the Internet is unstable, you can download lessons and learn offline. The course is published on the Educate All learning platform EdApp. Access is public and free of charge.

Target Audience

This microlearning course is designed for a wide range of leaders for Peace of all levels of experience, including mediators, humanitarian workers, conflict resolution specialists, as well as community leaders who are looking to enhance their ability to support the communities they work with.

Learning Objectives

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Define what gender is.Differentiate sex and gender.
  • Define Gender Socialisation.
  • Define Gender Identity.
  • Define the Gender Division of Labour.
  • Define Gender Hierarchy.
  • Define Gender Stereotypes.
  • Define Gender Equality.