Entrepreneurial Competencies for Landscape Restoration

This course helps you to develop and cultivate the entrepreneurial competencies you need within the challenging context of integrated landscape management and holistic landscape restoration with a business approach.


2030 Agenda
SDG8: Decent work and economic growth
SDG15: Life on land
Entrepreneurial competencies
Entrepreneurial come
landscape restoration
value creation

The coming decade will be characterized by monumental changes in the way we conduct business and relate to our environment. We therefore aim to identify, connect, and develop new leadership- and business models for landscape restoration to achieve healthy ecosystems and thriving communities.

This course offers the tools and methods to develop new regenerative, meaningful business ideas and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. In this course, the entrepreneurial mindset will be applied to the process of developing viable business and landscape initiatives, which contribute to landscape restoration. Fundamentally, learners will develop a business model that starts with a purpose statement, answering the question: how does my initiative or organisation company add value? Through observation, interviewing and empathizing with the stakeholders in the landscape learners will secure engagement, while devising and revising their viable business model.

Learners will be introduced to an integrated business model that aims for multiple value creation: the 4 Returns Landscape Business Model Canvas.

Target Audience

This course is for you if:

You are a (start-up) entrepreneur or an intrapreneur already, or work in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, for example as a policy maker or impact investor

You are already involved in a landscape initiative,

- and you want to learn how to work in a more entrepreneurial way;

- become an entrepreneurial professional regardless of your background as a landscape practitioner;

- and/or you want to focus on interventions that create value for a felt need within the landscape(s) you are working in or have impact on.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives

After completion of this course, a participant should be able to…

  • Reflect on the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset for healthy landscapes;
  • Create a holistic view that delivers multiple returns by using the integrated 4 returns landscape business model canvas;
  • Validate a problem statement and purpose statement to develop a desirable outcome by using an empathy map and customer journey in an appropriate context and time;
  • Develop and validate a minimal viable product and solution for an already validated problem;
  • Reflect on your own role and ability to be a landscape restoration orchestrator now and in the future;
  • Reflect on and review your business’ investment readiness level from both a business and landscape perspective;
  • BONUS: Explain the importance of a collaborative atmosphere with stakeholders within an entrepreneurial ecosystem.