UN Strategic Communications for the 2030 Agenda


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United Nations System Staff College

Course details

12 weeks
5 hours
Start date
4 April 2022
End date
30 June 2022
Registration deadline
5 March 2022

Course summary

This course hones people’s ability to communicate what the UN is doing to help a country achieve the 2030 Agenda. It supports professionals to go beyond awareness raising to utilize communications for results. And it boosts people’s skills in strategic communications, impactful storytelling,...


Sustainable Development Goals
2030 Agenda
Breaking the silos
Leave no one behind

About this course

Effective communications can strengthen the UN’s reputation, positioning and ability to inspire action. The world needs credible and convincing leaders capable of telling powerful stories to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Moreover, the world needs UN practitioners who understand the importance of creating a cohesive, effective communications process that is aligned with the vision and mission of the organization. In addition, the world needs messengers of hope who are able to capture people’s imagination and offer solutions.

The course will enable participants to:

  • Convey what the UN development system is doing to help a country achieve the SDGs, and to point out what the UN is doing right, what is possible, and how the UN is making a difference
  • Plan strategically for an impactful dissemination of results: Selecting the right channels, addressing the right audiences and transmitting the right messages
  • Mitigate risks while communicating within the context of an emerging or ongoing crisis
  • Create a space for communications during the design and delivery of UN programmes
  • Help expand partnerships and collaboration within UN agencies, governments and other development partners to advance the SDGs

Target audience

Communications officers and associates from the UN system or UN practitioners assigned as UN communication focal points at country level

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, participants will possess a good understanding of strategic communications, communications coordination, crisis communications, and ways to employ communication tools to advance sustainable development at global and national levels.

  • Understand the Global Communications Strategy of the United Nations and the shift to an audience-focused, impact-oriented approach.
  • Gain improved skills in strategic communications and how to apply them to the 2030 Agenda.
  • Have an improved understanding of crisis communications, reputation management and the management of misinformation.
  • Apply a Theory of Change to communications strategies.
  • Enhance individual communication skills in a selected range of areas for professional development to deliver effectively on the 2030 Agenda.
  • Develop an interagency network of UN communications professionals and focal points to exchange information on best practices and know-how at the global level.

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