Online Executive Diploma on International Diplomatic Law for Honorary Consuls – SECOND Edition


Facilitated e-learning

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United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Archived Course

Course details

4 months
15 to 20 hours per week
3’500 USD
Start date
1 March 2021
End date
27 June 2021
Registration deadline
11 January 2021

Course summary

Honorary consuls have an important part to play in the international relations of many states. They need legal knowledge and practical skills to fulfil their responsibilities in the best way.

About this course

This executive diploma consists of four modules, combining a self-directed online component, containing a mix of pre-recorded lectures from experts, as well as from Heads of State, Foreign Ministers or Ambassadors, who are engaged in the use of honorary consuls, with interactive lessons and information forums. The course will notably cover the codification of the status of honorary consuls in international law, their relationship with diplomatic and consular missions, the contemporary use of honorary consuls, and diplomatic protocol for honorary consuls. Each module has its own learning objectives, as well as interactive online lessons, which guide participants through the contents. At the end of each module a two-day web-based workshop via the platform Zoom led by an expert will explore the practical side of the topic and allow for peer-to-peer learning.

Participants will be expected to engage with pre-recorded material, participate in the on-line learning sessions as well as complete the knowledge assessments in the form of a multiple-choice quiz or a series of short questions. Participants who successfully complete the knowledge assessments of all four modules and participate in all online workshops will obtain a UNITAR Executive Diploma.

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Target audience

The Executive Diploma will be designed for 25 to 30 honorary consuls, as well as those who intend to serve as honorary consuls.

Learning objectives

On completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Summarise the history and current importance of honorary consuls in contemporary diplomatic relations;
  • Explain the legal framework governing honorary consuls;
  • Describe the normal activities of an honorary consul and assess their responsibilities;
  • Explain issues of practice and protocol;
  • Describe and critically assess the important role of honorary consuls in the modern world;
  • Discuss the future of the role of Honorary Consuls in particular in crisis situations such as evacuations, repatriations and other critical roles of the Honorary Consul in todays environment.