Training of technical promoters in indigenous communities for generating, developing and maintaining communication networks and broadcasting technologies - 2019

Digital Inclusion includes digital skills training programme for Indigenous People in topics of Indigenous interest aiming to support their social and economic development as well as the self-sustainability of their communities.


2030 Agenda
SDG4: Quality education
SDG7: Affordable and clean energy
SDG11: Sustainable cities and communities
SDG17: Partnerships for the goals
Community communication and technologies
digital inclusion
indigenous people

The methodology of this course is: 5 online modules and 1 formation and face-to-face training camp. Each online module lasts 5 weeks and is carried out using the tools and facilities offered by the ITU Academy platform.

The virtual space is designed in the form of tabs located in the central part of the screen. In the initial tab, the general instructions are published during the development of the program.

Target Audience

  • Communities living in under-served areas;
  • Digital Transformation;
  • Gender;
  • Indigenous peoples and communities;
  • Rural Communications.

Learning Objectives

Improved capacity of Indigenous People to accelerate their economic and social development by leveraging and using new technologies and telecommunication /ICT services and applications in telecommunication/ICT.