Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership

This facilitated e-learning course was developed by UNITAR and the Babson College to support working professionals on their journey to become social entrepreneurial leaders.


SDG8: Decent work and economic growth
SDG9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
Global Business Leadership
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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to drive your business to success? Passionate about your project(s) but unsure of where to start? Would you like to empower yourself with the skills to navigate complex and ever-changing global economy? Together, Babson College and UNITAR designed a series of courses created exclusively for shaping an effective social entrepreneurial leader. The programme addresses working professionals with career experience, government officials, civil servants, private sector entities, or simply individuals who are motivated to learn and grow outside of traditional graduate degree programs. By attending the programme, participants will develop a critical understanding of contemporary professional challenges and opportunities within a global context and acquire a well-rounded set of professional and personal leadership skills to drive one’s projects and advance their cause.

The new programme has a duration of 9 months, and is comprised of four courses between September 2022 and June 2023. The methodology of the Executive Certificate endorses a practical “learning-by-doing” approach, assessing real-life case studies and taking part in immersive simulations. Participants will learn to develop their leadership skills within a global context while establishing a diverse global network that will prove crucial for future entrepreneurial endeavours.

Target Audience

Private sector workers, entrepreneurs.

Learning Objectives

The overall goal of the Executive Certificate in Global Business Leadership is to develop a critical understanding of contemporary professional challenges and opportunities as well as offer a well-rounded set of professional skills at any career level. This Certificate strives to help mould an Entrepreneurial Leader who knows how to navigate uncertainty, embrace ambiguity, and solve problems. These courses will provide systematic and structured innovation strategies,

concepts, methods and tools to perform efficiently and effectively in international working environments with increased confidence.

The courses focus on creating an effective Entrepreneurial Leader. Entrepreneurial leaders are skilled at creating the type of climate that frees people up to be innovative, creative, and solve very complex problems. Babson’s courses will begin with the essentials of what it means to be an Entrepreneurial Leader and then drive deeper in how to inspire and lead a diverse and collaborative workforce..