Child Online Protection for Policy-makers

The main objectives of this course is for policy-makers to know more about children’s use of the Internet and their rights ; to learn how technologies impact children , risks and harms online; and to learn about the principles of Safety by Design for policy making on child online protection.


SDG17: Partnerships for the goals
SDG 17: Technology
SDG 17: Capacity-building
Child protection
child protection
child rights
Convention on the Rights of the Child

Child Online Protection (COP) is a growing priority as children are more than evern at risk of violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect online. Engaging policy makers in online safety has never been more critical in protecting children online. This self-phased course is designed for policy makers about child online behaviours, threats and risks associated with cyberspace, and help them to develop national policies and strategies in line with current global trends, that are holistic, inclusive, multi- stake sectoral and evidence based.

Target Audience

  • Policy makers
  • Regulators
  • Legislators
  • Law enforcement

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Be familiar with children’s rights in relation to the digital environment
  • Identify and understand the risks, dangers, and vulnerabilities associated with children’s use of the Internet
  • Gain knowledge on the principles of Safety by Design for application in national policy making on COP
  • Better understanding of a core child protective services and the interplay among different agencies within the child protective system.
  • Better understanding of different technology advancements that impact children online for informed policy making.
  • Deeper understanding of the core components of National Policy making on COP
  • Better understanding of child centric and child focused policy making in relation to development of national plans of action.