Audio-based Indoor and Outdoor Network Navigation System for Persons with Vision Impairment


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International Telecommunication Union

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40 hours
40 hours
500 USD
Start date
30 April 2020
End date
31 December 2020
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30 December 2020

Course summary

This course explores the cutting edge technology of accessible audio-based navigation systems for persons with vision impairment. Participants can become an expert in Wayfindr audio-based navigation for planning, design and implementation of audio wayfinding solutions in compliance with ITU-T F.921.

About this course

This training comprises 4 Modules as follows: Module 1: Understand and distinguish different types of vision impairments, mobility aids and techniques Module 2: Have a clear appreciation to wayfinding for vision-impaired people Module 3: Recognize the key principles for the design of an indoor audio navigation system for VI users and implement an accessible and inclusive system. Modulle4: be able to design audio navigation instructions for VI people in compliance with the Wayfindr Open Standard and the ITU-T F.921.

Target audience

For app developers, venue operators or owners, architects, access professionals as well as policy makers and regulators, having appropriate information on the benefits of audio based navigation.

Learning objectives

The course will enable learners to become fully conversant with Wayfindr audio-based navigation for the planning, design and implementation of audio wayfinding solutions in compliance with ITU-T F.921. • It will enable learners to understand the user experience requirements of a navigation app to make it work for vision impaired persons and assure them that the app they use complies with the ITU Recommendation: it has all the requisite features and provides all the right notifications at the right times. • It will equip learners to advise venue owners (transport companies, shopping malls, hospitals etc.) on how to install digital indoor audio-based navigation that is fully compliant with ITU-T F.921.