SDG Learning Journey

This toolkit provides practical methods, tools and techniques for acting as a connector, amplifier, question asker and innovator. It is meant to inspire new ways of working and to enable organizations to deliver on the Agenda in an innovative, multi-stakeholder and integrated way.


2030 Agenda
Breaking the silos
SDG17: Partnerships for the goals
SDG 17: Capacity-building
2030 Agenda and SDGs
2030 Agenda

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Goals (SDGs) call for collaboration and partnership like never before. Achieving the SDGs requires us to look at complex global challenges through many different dimensions. The SDG Lab was created to do just that — by acting as a connector, amplifier, question asker and innovator. This toolkit is a living document that captures the Lab’s journey by providing insight into the methods, tools and techniques that, if used, can enable you or your organization to deliver on the Agenda. The toolkit can be used as the foundation for your own lab or to inspire new ways of working, it can help you in:

  • Localizing the SDGs to your context
  • Building a lab
  • Experimenting with others
  • Testing new tools
  • Trying new ways of working (think multi-stakeholder and integrated)
  • Finding out what works and what doesn’t
  • Connecting with new stakeholders
  • Incubating partnerships
  • Co-creating solutions
  • Making a case for resource mobilization
  • Maximizing your unique convening power
  • Learning from other implementation success and challenges

This toolkit can be used by a range of audiences. It was built to help those who are considering starting a Lab or a similar multi-stakeholder, experimental initiative, but it is equally useful for those who are looking for new methods and ideas.

It is relevant to all stakeholder groups (UN, NGO, government, academic institutions and the private sector), particularly when they are assuming the role of a convener, facilitator, incubator, or change maker.