Preparing for Action “National Briefing Package: The 2030 Agenda and SDGs”

The national briefing package is a self-explanatory integrated toolkit designed to support national facilitators in planning and delivering briefings at the country level.


2030 Agenda
Breaking the silos
2030 Agenda and SDGs
2030 Agenda
mainstreaming the Agenda 2030
national policies

This integrated toolkit has been created by UNITAR together with UNDG and is being used at the country level since May 2015. It contains a briefing package designed for use by national governments and can be easily adapted to each national context. The toolkit includes guidance materials for facilitators, which enables national stakeholders to deliver the workshops themselves. UNITAR experts are available for coaching and support if required.

The toolkit is to be used for organising national briefings with two main objectives:1) to raise awareness among key governments and national stakeholders about the content of the 2030 Agenda and implications for the country-level;2) to enable countries to begin preliminary discussions on mainstreaming the agenda into each national context, including the initial mapping of the SDGs in the context of existing national plans and strategies, and to reflect on priority-setting, as well as data, monitoring, and review requirements.

The toolkit is available in English, French, Spanish, and Russian.