I, as the focal of point of, a UN SDG:Learn Partner, concur with the following statements:

UN SDG:Learn gathers organizations who are engaged in sustainable development learning that aims to contribute to the achievement of the vision and principles of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);

UN SDG:Learn aims to ensure that only courses and microlearning that are directly connected to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development are offered on the UN SDG:Learn platform;

UN SDG:Learn Partners agreed during the first Steering Group Meeting to build a stronger quality assurance mechanism for the content submitted on the UN SDG: Learn platform to ensure the high quality of sustainable development learning offered by Partners, and the alignment of the courses and microlearning to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To achieve the foregoing statements, I pledge to ensure that all the content submitted by the Organization I represent follow the criteria set by UN SDG:Learn, as follows:

I pledge that the Organization I represent will strive to the following where relevant to the Organization’s mandate:

  1. Apply an internal or external learning quality assurance procedure on the content we submit on the UN SDG:Learn platform;
  2. Ensure that the learning product/service explicitly supports the achievement of one or more of the SDG targets or contributes to a cross-cutting implementation through major SDG focus areas;
  3. Work towards mainstreaming peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet in our area of work, and in the proposed learning solutions that are in alignment with SDG principles, and aim to support SDG implementation;
  4. (In the case of for-profit organizations) Only offers free courses on the UN SDG:Learn platform;
  5. (In the case of non-profit organizations) Only offers paid courses which are delivered on a cost-recovery basis and not as commercial activities.

Courses and microlearning published on statistics and other potential landing pages will be subject to quality assurance procedures agreed by the respective communities, such as Global Network of Institutes for Statistical Training (GIST) for statistics or future other, under the stewardship of their custodian agencies, such as UN Statistics Division for statistics page and other for potential future pages. The same principle will apply to the learning products and services developed by Partnerships and Networks, such as UN CC:Learn for climate change or other future partnerships and networks, who will apply their quality assurance mechanisms under the stewardship of their Secretariats.

Consequences that can be generated from the content of the courses/materials (data, statistics, information, definitions, country boundaries in maps) or the messages conveyed, through the resources provided, are fully under the responsibility of the member that has originated them.