Open Webinar on Diplomacy, Global Affairs, and the News Media



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United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Author Dr. Elizabeth Colton, Dr. Daniel Rajmil Bonet, Ms. Patricia Martín de Briones

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Background context

The global struggle against covid-19 has sparked a steep soar in mistrust of the public discourse. With vaccines rolling out, the world needs to start planning to Build Back Better, preparing for the many challenges brought about by man-made challenges. Diplomats and international organisation staff will have an increased responsibility to work together, present a united front, and communicate their efforts effectively to build back trust. Similarly, journalists and international reporters will bear a similar responsibility, holding into account decision-makers and working to provide accurate and reliable reporting to the public.

In this Open Webinar, Dr. Elizabeth Colton, former United States diplomat, Emmy Award-winning journalist, member of the U.S. board of Reporters without borders, and author will discuss the interplay between foreign ministry officials, diplomats, international organisation staff, and the international news media. She will address the stakes behind this dynamic, and the potential outputs, or consequences, it can yield.

Webinar structure

This event is presented by UNITAR and UOC. Dr. Daniel Rajmil Bonet, Programme Director at UOC will be moderating the webinar.

Ms. Patricia Martin de Briones, Associate Programme Officer at UNITAR, will provide introductory remarks, presenting the Webinar Moderator, Dr. Bonet and our Expert Speaker, Dr. Colton.

Dr. Colton will follow with a short lecture on Diplomacy, Global Affairs, and the News Media. Following this presentation, Dr. Bonet will open the floor to a Question and Answer session. Throughout the webinar, participants will have the opportunity to send their questions through the chat box.

This webinar is set to last one hour, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. CET.


Dr. Elizabeth Colton

Elizabeth Overton Colton, Ph.D., whose career bridges diplomacy, global journalism and education speaks, writes, teaches, and advises worldwide on diplomacy, global affairs and the media. A retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer, former United Nations development-planner and Peace Corps Volunteer, former press-secretary, Dr. Colton is also an author, international journalist, social anthropologist, and educator. She was also a Fulbright Scholar, a Knight International Journalism Fellow, and a MacArthur Fellow in Globalization Studies at the University of Chicago. Emmy Award-winning journalist for ABC News, Liz Colton also worked worldwide for other news organizations, including NBC News, Newsweek, NPR, Reuters, AsiaWeek, and as executive editor of 10 Virginia newspapers. She currently is on the board of the DACOR organization for diplomats in Washington, DC, and leads her own international consulting firm.

Dr. Daniel Rajmil Bonet

Dr. Daniel Rajmil Bonet is Programme Director at UOC. An international relations and international economics experts, his expertise ranges from international conflicts to defence and security policies, including nuclear policy, diplomacy, and the Middle East.