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Sustainable Development Goals
Responsible consumption and production

The tourism4sdgs platform is an innovative online tool providing the global community a space to co-create and engage to realize the 2030 Agenda through tourism. The platform key features – Learn, Share and Act should inspire stakeholders and provide a dialogue for the tourism sector towards 2030, building a smarter, competitive, inclusive and sustainable sector by promoting and sharing initiatives, best practices, stories, policy papers and events. The tourism4sdgs platform aims are to 1) BUILD knowledge, research and good practices, from public policies and initiatives of the private sector, academia and civil society, on how tourism can contribute to advancing the SDGs; 2) EMPOWER stakeholders to integrate the SDGs in their policies and operations through recommendations and examples of actions that simultaneously boost competitiveness and sustainability; 3) INSPIRE all to act and advance tourism’s contribution to the SDGs. The platform’s three main features, ‘Learn, Share and Act’, act as calls for action, conversation and collaboration towards a sustainable tourism sector.

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