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Leading up to the 2020 round of censuses, the U.S. Census Bureau is releasing a series of technical notes on Select Topics in International Censuses. Each note highlights a new subject, method, or operation relevant to census planners in middle- to low-income countries. These notes complement the U.N. Principles and Recommendations on Population and Housing Censuses by describing some topics in more detail. Sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Select Topics in International Censuses series is designed for staff in national statistical offices to assist them in addressing some of the significant issues in the 2020 round of censuses.

The technical briefs in this series focus on various areas for the preparation for the 2020 census round, especially in low to middle income countries. Each brief highlights technological advancements, methodological changes and recommendations by the UN Statistics Division and other international agencies on with respect to planning and management, mapping, data processing, new technologies in an E-census, measuring social and demographic indicators, publicity and communication.

Planning and Management

  • Sustainable Development Goals and the 2020 Round of Censuses
  • Census Data Archiving and Preservation
  • Counting Hard to Count Population
  • Disclosure Avoidance and the Census


  • Classification and Delineation of Urban Areas in a Census
  • New Technologies in Census Geographic Listing

Data Processing

  • Coding Write-In Responses in a Census

New Technologies in an E-Census

  • E-Census Part 1: Planning for Mobile Data Capture
  • E-Census Part 2: Developing an Electronic Questionnaire
  • E-Census Part 3: Timeline Impacts

Social and Demographic Indicators

  • Measuring Fertility in a Census
  • Measuring Migration in a Census
  • Measuring Disability in a Census
  • Measuring Maternal Mortality

Publicity and Communication

  • Communicating with Census Data: Story Telling
  • Communicating with Census Data: Data Visualization
  • Developing and Integrated Communications Strategy