National Climate Plans (NDCs): Blueprints for a Global Transformation



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The Paris Climate Change Agreement set the goals, and now countries must translate them into action. The Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) set out what each country plans to do as part of the Paris Agreement to contribute to the international effort to secure a sustainable future for all. This webinar explained how NDCs open up a new universe of economic and cooperation opportunities to realize the mitigation and adaptation plans and increase climate resilience.

The webinar featured Claudio Forner, team lead on mitigation at UN Climate Change and Koko Warner, manager of the UN Climate Change impacts, vulnerability and risks subprogramme. The discussion was moderated by Simona Costanzo-Sow, UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development.

SD Talks Special Series on Climate Action, a webinar series organised by the UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development in partnership with UN Climate Change in the lead up to and during COP23.

This webinar series was conceived to set the stage for COP23, which took place in Bonn in November 2017, and sought to further discussions around climate change and sustainable development.

SD Talks is a webinar series by UNSSC that features live webinars with high-level speakers and subject-matter experts on issues related to sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda. SD Talks was conceptualized to create a space that facilitates knowledge-sharing, shapes discussions and furthers dialogue around sustainable development, and which can be accessed by audiences all over the world free of charge.

SD Talks webinars are live and feature a Q&A session at the end of each webinar which gives participants the opportunity to directly engage with the speakers.

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