“Diplomacy in Cyberspace: The new battleground of geopolitics” – Online After Work Event


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How do cyberspace and new digital tools impact and change the character of diplomacy and what effect does that have on geopolitics? Discuss with the experts Shaun Riordan from the European Institute for International Studies and Dejan Dincic from the DiploFoundation how cyberspace is increasingly becoming the front line of our geopolitics in the 21st century, how new actors are changing the very character of diplomacy and how new technologies in politics need diplomacy. Today, diplomats not only have to negotiate Trade, Security, Human rights, Development and other policy issues with their digital aspects in mind, but also deal with data and technical topics. At the same time, tech companies play an increasingly important role in shaping many spheres of our lives today. Some of them have become as powerful as nation states and take part in major negotiations. The fight over Huawei and 5G has shown, there are increasing risks of technological fragmentation – with consequences for the global economy.