Changemaker scan: Test your UNESCO cross-cutting competencies

Do you want to find out how well equipped you are to deal with a rapidly changing world? UNESCO has defined eight cross-cutting competencies? Take this test and see how well equipped you are.


2030 Agenda
SDG17: Partnerships for the goals
SDG 17: Capacity-building
Essential Professional Skills
social entrepreneurship
soft skills
wicked problems

Take the Ubiquity Changemaker Scan! The United Nations identified 8 core skills people need to be able to contribute to achieving any of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Once you have completed the scan you will receive:

  • a badge with a score
  • a score for each of the individual competency
  • recommended learning opportunities for each competency

As you develop more of the competencies and build your changemaker profile, you can always go back and update your profile and show people your progress.

To access the Changemaker Scan create a free profile on Ubiquity University's community: UbiVerse and join the group.