Better Data to Monitor Violence, Trafficking, Corruption and Access to Justice



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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

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UNODC global data collection activities on crime and criminal justice have expanded over the last few years in response to new mandates stemming from SDG global monitoring, the UN General Assembly, and other intergovernmental bodies. In response to these new mandates, UNODC has continued to work with other regional and international organizations to minimize the reporting burden on countries as much as possible.

In this report, UNODC has been identified – alone or jointly with other organizations – as custodian agency for 15 indicators to monitor relevant targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNODC will envisage to streamline data collection activities by considering synergies in terms of national focal points, data collection channels and regional partners (such as Eurostat in Europe and OAS in the Americas) in the next few years. UNODC is tasked for global monitoring, providing methodological guidance, and conducting technical assistance in relation to statistics underpinning SDG targets on public security and safety, trafficking, corruption, and access to justice.