Mental models of UN SDG:Learn have been established after an extensive analysis of current users of the platform. The following mental models with respective meta-tasks pertain to the platform:

Project Manager

  • Design a project
  • Identify project stakeholders
  • Implement a project
  • Monitor project implementation
  • Evaluate project results
  • Fundraise for a project

Community builder

  • Assess stakeholder needs
  • Build network
  • Facilitate/Broker partnerships
  • Sustain network/engagement
  • Use technology for sustaining networks
  • Engage with vulnerable groups
  • Manage international global networks


  • Assess learning needs
  • Design curriculum
  • Choose relevant methodologies
  • Evaluate learning
  • Manage a training course
  • Facilitate a training course


  • Develop strategies, policies and programmes
  • Develop results frameworks
  • Design M&E policies and plans
  • Strengthen resource mobilization allocation
  • Reviews progress
  • Strengthen strategic planning and governance
  • Strengthen participation, inclusion and engagement


  • Reduce own footprint
  • Promote human rights through own behaviour
  • Volunteer to contribute to community needs
  • Support global citizen-driven projects


  • Assess policy needs for evidence
  • Design policy-relevant research
  • Select research methodologies
  • Implement research
  • Communicate research results


  • Develop communication strategy
  • Use new technologies to communicate
  • Advocate to bridge the gap between policy and implementation
  • Advocate for new policies

Business person

  • Lead the change
  • Adjust business strategies and processes
  • Revisit value chain/sustainable procurement
  • Revisit marketing and sales strategies
  • Train staff
  • Track and report on relevant performance indicators

Data person

  • Assess data needs
  • Design data collection
  • Collect data
  • Analyze data
  • Produce data
  • Evaluate data
  • Communicate data
  • Manage data, systems and processes
  • Use new data sources


* The list of metatasks is not exhaustive.