UNITAR’s Executive Diploma in Diplomatic Practice, 6th edition


Semi-facilitated e-learning

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United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Archived Course

Course details

8 months
Max. 10h per week
Europe and North America
Geneva, Switzerland and Online
$8,000 for participants from high-income countries; $5,000 for participants from middle-income countries; $3,000 for participants from low-income countries according to M49 Standard classification
Start date
1 November 2021
End date
31 August 2022
Registration deadline
9 June 2021

Course summary

Drawing on UNITAR’s experience of training leaders for over 50 years, the 6th Edition of the Executive Diploma is a precious opportunity for diplomats and professionals to increase their global network and career opportunities while learning with practitioners from different cultures and worldviews.

About this course

UNITAR’s Executive Diploma stands out as a programme tailored to prepare diplomats and other actors, including the private sector, to excel in creating solutions at the international level and scaling the challenges and new realities of the 21st century.

The Executive Diploma is a blended program envisioned to take place through 3 online modules and 5 in-person modules. Due to evolving situation surrounding Covid-19, if necessary, the programme will be converted to an online format.

The programme will run from November 2021 to August 2022. The estimated duration of the diploma is approximately 120 hours, with 96 hours of teaching and 25 for individual research. Admissions requirements include a Bachelor’s Degree, 2-3 years of relevant professional experience, and proficiency in English.

Participants will engage in simulation exercises during the programme, assessed by trainers according to the learning objectives of each session. Sessions will be on topics such as negotiation, public speaking, diplomatic protocol, and many more. Finally, participants will submit a final research paper of between 3,000 and 5,000 words on a chosen theme covered in the course or related to multilateral diplomacy.

The resource persons selected to deliver the Executive Diploma are experts in the fields of international relations, diplomatic practice and international law from academic and international circles, including practitioners from both within and outside the UN system.

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Target audience

The primary target audience for the Executive Diploma is the international and diplomatic community in Geneva. The Diploma is also open to other interested participants and UNITAR will make a selection based on the applications received.

The Executive Diploma has attracted candidates ranging from diplomats based in Geneva and other locations, and practitioners in the international arena including businesspersons, academics, entrepreneurs, trade officers and humanitarian workers.

Learning objectives

Each individual workshop will have a specific set of learning objectives, but the learning objectives of the diploma as a whole are as follows:

  1. Develop a critical understanding of contemporary bilateral and multilateral diplomacy challenges;
  2. Demonstrate a comprehensive, substantive and practical knowledge of the United Nations system, Digital Diplomacy, Diplomatic Protocol, Conference Diplomacy and Multilateral Negotiation, etc;
  3. Critically evaluate strengths and weaknesses related to negotiation skills and techniques, drafting, negotiating and adopting UN resolutions, leadership skills, public speaking and communication;
  4. Produce a research paper that extends beyond the theoretical content of a workshop and relates to participants’ professional work;
  5. Perform efficiently and effectively in both bilateral and multilateral working environments with increased confidence.