Online Executive Diploma on International Law in the 21st Century – May Intake

The online Executive Diploma aims at introducing students and practitioners to newest developments in international law, covering diverse issues such as Law of the Sea and Cyber Warfare and International Humanitarian Law.


SDG16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
SDG17: Partnerships for the goals
SDG 17: Capacity-building
International Law
customary international Law
cyber security
cyber warfare

International law is the cornerstone of global interaction, politics, and policy. States as well as non-state actors in today’s globalized and interconnected world are constantly influencing the development of international law and in turn find their actions influenced by it. In addition, new technologies are opening up new possibilities while also creating new challenges.

UNITAR's third edition of the Online Executive Diploma on International Law in the 21st century will explore new and cutting-edge legal topics to dynamically inspire participants to become accomplished professionals in their respective field and to provide them with the tools, information, and network they will need to do so.

The Executive Diploma will comprise 5 e-workshop days and cover Public International Law, the Law of the Sea, and International Humanitarian Law and Cyberwarfare. The respective e-workshops will be conducted via the platform Zoom and will be facilitated by an expert on the theme. The material presented in the workshop will be interactive and assignments will be given for participants to further advance their knowledge. At the end of the week participants will be asked to complete a knowledge assessment. Participants successfully completing all e-workshops as well as the knowledge assessment will be awarded a certificate of completion.

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Target Audience

The online executive diploma aimed at students and professionals seeking a deeper understanding of international law. The course is open to up to 50 participants.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this online executive diploma, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the main actors and principles of public international law;
  • Explain key actors and instruments of the International Law of the Sea;
  • Describe the main rules of international humanitarian law and differentiate between those which apply to the cyberspace and the others;
  • Apply the main rules governing international humanitarian law to cyber-warfare.