One Planet, One Ocean

This intermediate course provides comprehensive knowledge on oceanic systems, the historical relationship between humans and the ocean, and available sustainable solutions to the most pressing issues affecting our oceans.


SDG14: Life below water
Environmental Studies

Though the ocean remains largely unexplored, it has provided significant resources and opportunities to humans for centuries. The ocean has economic, cultural, historical, and environmental significance. However, the ocean’s resources are being used beyond its sustainable capacity and the negative impacts of human development and climate change threaten its future.

This course discusses the biological, geological, and chemical properties of the ocean and its environmental importance. It delves into the relationships humans have cultivated with the ocean, policies and regulations regarding its use, the economics of ocean systems, and provides possible sustainable solutions to protect its future.

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Target Audience

Both undergraduate and graduate students in environmental and marine fields, policymakers, climate change activists and practitioners, and members of industries reliant upon ocean resources, such as fishing.

Learning Objectives

To understand the physical biology, geology, and chemistry of the ocean, the impact human development has had on ocean systems, current relevant policies and economics, and sustainable solutions available.

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