Microplanning for immunization: How to strengthen every step of your process

This mini-course will help you to understand, evaluate, and strengthen each step of the microplanning process.


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Developed jointly by UNICEF and WHO, the Immunization eLearning Initiative provides all immunization staff with access to training in areas deemed vital to the advancement of the Global Vaccine Action Plan and its vision that everyone live a life free from vaccine preventable disease.

Microplanning is one of the tools that health workers use to ensure that immunization services reach every community. Microplanning is used to identify priority communities, to address barriers, and to develop workplans with solutions. Many immunization staff members develop and/or participate in microplans, but do you know if it is being done effectively?

The Microplanning course provides a series of mini-lessons that will look at each step of the microplanning process and evaluate your own health centre microplanning maps, forms, and tables. After you’ve finished your self-evaluation, you’ll be guided through a process to strengthen each step of the microplanning process.

Target Audience

This course is intended for UNICEF and WHO staff working in immunization across all levels of the organization (headquarters, regional, sub-regional, and country). It is also open to consultants and partners working in support of immunization.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, you'll know how to:

  • Make or update a district and health centre map
  • Identify priority health centres and communities
  • Identify barriers to access and utilisation
  • Identify solutions and prepare a workplan
  • Make a session plan