Master of Science in Global Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management


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United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Empower School of Health

Course details

Two options: 12 months or 24 months
10-12 hours a week
12-Month Programme: 5500 USD or EUR, 24-Month Programme: 8000 USD or EUR

Course summary

The Master’s prepares the participants for the world of procurement and supply chain of healthcare products. Students get growth opportunities, internships in Ministries of Health, UN agencies, donors' programs, and international NGOs.

About this course

Over the last ten years, there have been massive changes in the field of public health. The funding levels available for various diseases have also increased. The net result has been the emergence of a much greater need for specific skill sets in areas such as Global Health, Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSM), Leadership Management, and many other spheres, which are critical to operating effectively from a global perspective. Healthcare programs typically spend between 40 – 50% of the overall budget on public health commodities, therefore efficient management of the health commodities that are being distributed is of paramount importance.

There is a limited availability (largely due to affordability) for professional skill development programs which address the needs of public sector. Therefore, Empower School of Health and UNITAR provide a strong link between Public Health, Healthcare Management, and Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) addressing all the needed skill sets whilst still being affordable for low-income countries.

UNITAR and Empower’s Master of Science in Global Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management is being offered to students in 2 ways:

  1. 24-month online programme – to all students who fulfill the required criteria
  2. 12-month online programme – to students who have completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Global Health Procurement and Supply Chain Management from Empower School of Health.

Start date
Multiple start dates throughout the year. Contact the education coordinator for details.

End date
12 or 24 months from respective starting point

Registration deadline
Registration open throughout the year

12 month programme: https://empowerschoolofhealth.org/en/course/master-of-science-in-global-health-procurement-and-supply-chain-management-12-month-programme

24 month programme: https://empowerschoolofhealth.org/en/course/master-of-science-in-global-health-procurement-and-supply-chain-management-24-month-programme

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Target audience

The course is for aspirants who would like to prepare for the world of procurement and supply chain of healthcare products and learn to manage PSM challenges in healthcare systems. Specifically, the course is designed for pharmacists, doctors, scientists, engineers and management professionals, and any graduate or professional who is interested in becoming a supply chain/ logistics professional.

Learning objectives

Gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of procurement and supply chain management and its linkages with global health

  • Learn  management structures and systems required for effective operations of PSM
  • Be able to assess risks and address supply chain bottlenecks
  • Be able to design and execute projects for making PSM more effective
  • Learn and apply leadership and management skills to help their career growth

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