M.S. in International Affairs and Diplomatic Practice

The joint UNITAR–SHU M.S. in International Affairs and Diplomatic Practice is a unique opportunity to support students in furthering their knowledge in key subject areas of international affairs: international security and negotiation, monitoring and evaluation, and policy analysis.


SDG4: Quality education
SDG16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
International Affairs and Diplomatic Practice
diplomatic practice
international affairs
international law
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This accelerated online M.S. degree, developed by UNITAR and SHU, which allows for flexible pacing, will provide participants with a sophisticated understanding of International Affairs and Diplomacy, both as subjects of academic study and as intellectual preparation for a wide range of career choices.

The degree will be administrated entirely online and will allow for participation in synchronous and asynchronous lessons.

The programme will run from 18 January 2023 to 16 January 2024, if taken full time. The estimated duration of contact hours is approximately 300–450 hours. Students will gain 30 credits in total, upon completion of the programme. Admissions requirements include a Bachelor’s Degree and proficiency in English.

Students will be completing a choice of four core courses offered by Seton Hall University, including Public International Law, Art and Science of International Negotiation, Comparative Foreign Policy, Politics of Cultural and Ethnic Pluralism, International Political Economy, and Advanced Economic Aspects of International Relations. In addition, participants can complete one of the school’s 13 functional and regional specializations. Next to these courses, the degree features a variety of elective modules, jointly created by UNITAR and SHU to enable students to develop their specialist interests in a wide range of diverse areas.

The resource persons selected to deliver the Master programme are international experts who work closely with the United Nations, international companies, and NGOs globally. By participating in the International Affairs and Diplomatic Practice Programme, students will gain access to the highly experienced UNITAR and Seton Hall University faculty who will guide and support participants them throughout the study their studies.

Target Audience

The primary target audience for the UNITAR–SHU M.S. is postgraduate students and working professionals interested in pursuing an international career, as well as diplomats and international civil servants. The primary target region for applicants is North America, however the programme is also open to other interested participants from different countries.

Learning Objectives

Each individual workshop will have a specific set of learning objectives, but the learning objectives of the Master programme as a whole are as follows:

  1. Develop a critical understanding of contemporary international affairs and diplomatic practices;
  2. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of Public International Law, Foreign Policy, International Political Economy, International Relations, International Negotiations, etc.;
  3. Critically evaluate key areas of international affairs such as international security and negotiation, monitoring and evaluation, and policy analysis;
  4. Recognize attributes which create successful international leadership and organizational management;
  5. Produce research papers that extend beyond the theoretical content of the workshops.