How to design and develop online courses


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International Telecommunication Union

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6 hours

Course summary

It offers participants a very pragmatic approach, combining theory and practice, and provides them with different models and tools that will help them, in a progressive way, from designing a course to putting it online on the Moodle platform.

About this course

The main objective of the course is to develop an understanding of e-pedagogy and principles associated with design and development of online training courses by providing learning how to make these courses interactive and engaging to enhance retention and transfer of knowledge

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Target audience

ITU staff and stakeholders wishing to create new online courses or convert their already existing face-to-face courses to online ones.

Learning objectives

  • Explore current theories, principles, methodologies, and techniques of online learning to make online courses engaging and to enhance retention and transfer of knowledge,
  • Learn how to gather resources and organise them
  • Design interactive e-learning solutions that meet learners’ needs and adapt to them
  • Gain knowledge and skills on how to design e-learning interactions that increase learning effectiveness
  • Learn how to make provisions for instructional graphics and user interfaces for online courses, as well as how to integrate supporting material including audio, video, simulations, and games
  • Learn how to design and conduct assessments
  • Discover how the ITU’s Moodle platform works and how to develop ITU’s online courses (only for ITU staff and tutors)

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