Gender in Climate-Smart Agriculture Projects

How to design gender-responsive climate-smart agriculture operations


Leave no one behind
SDG2: Zero hunger
SDG5: Gender equality
SDG13: Climate action
Economic empowerment
climate change
gender equality

This e-course provides an overview of the relevance of gender considerations in climate-smart agriculture projects. You will learn why addressing gender concerns is particularly relevant for climate-smart agriculture, how to integrate gender considerations throughout the project cycle, and available tools and approaches for gender-responsive project planning.


Target Audience

World Bank, FAO and IFAD staff members as well as external clients and partners who work at national and international levels, including decision makers, managers and staff involved in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of projects related to agriculture and climate change. The e-course is not intended to provide specific guidance on World Bank corporate requirements.

Learning Objectives

After the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand from an operational perspective, of the core principles, elements and enabling environment for integrating gender into climate-smart agriculture, as well as showcasing relevant tools and examples related to gender, climate change and agriculture.
  • Understand the design, preparation, implementation and monitoring of gender elements in CSA projects.