Extended Diplomatic Skills: Core Hospitality Training


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United Nations Institute for Training and Research

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Archived Course

1 week
USD 1,400
Start date
30 March 2021
End date
6 April 2021
Registration deadline
24 March 2021

Course summary

The program provides participants with the skillset and charisma required to attend and host (in)formal social events in an intercultural setting by enhancing their grasp of international etiquette and by teaching them to anticipate cultural nuances while contributing to the ambiance of an event.

About this course

The service-oriented ‘new diplomat’ and ‘new public servant’ can communicate with a wide range of state and non-state actors; is open-minded, flexible, and demonstrates natural authority by creating an atmosphere of comfort and trust. Hospitality skills lie at the centre of this approach.

This programme goes beyond traditional training of direct profession-related skills while at the same time addressing aspects of the diplomat’s activities, such as attending formal dinners, offering, presenting, and receiving gifts under different cultural requirements, appreciating cultural and religious etiquette during social events, and hosting important guests.

By enhancing beneficiaries’ knowledge base and skillset in hosting and attending formal social events, UNITAR will provide all participants with the opportunity to practice what is known as “Charismatic Leadership” in leadership theory, namely a set of behaviours which are increasingly relevant in the relationship-oriented diplomatic and business communities.

Module 1: 5 hour e-workshop (including breaks and interactive exercises)

Module 2: Two 4 hour e-workshops (including breaks) and a 2-hour interactive exercise

Module 3: Two 4 hour e-workshops (including breaks)

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Target audience

This course targets any diplomatic officials and business leaders who are directly involved in international activities and who wish to enhance their ability to demonstrate natural charismatic leadership by reinforcing their relationship-building and hospitality skills. Previous editions have shown that this course is highly popular with the protocol and etiquette community as well as VIP guest managers and event organisers.

The course is also highly popular with anyone interested in intercultural communication from a practical perspective.

Learning objectives

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and adapt to the main differences between table etiquette in different cultures;
  • Avoid the main universal and culture-specific faux-pas for various hospitality settings;
  • Apply objective tools and models to decipher foreign cultures with greater ease;
  • Appreciate the various attributes of wine and wine-food pairing;
  • Utilise the acquired knowledge to experience more confidence at international social events.