Ethics in Action

This course explores ethical values commonly held across faiths and how different religions and their communities address inequalities and climate justice.


SDG16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
business and human rights
business leadership

In 2016, Pope Francis invited various esteemed philosophers, religious and spiritual leaders, scholars, and scientists to the Vatican for the Ethics in Action initiative. They came together to discuss values important for human progress and climate justice. Virtue ethics, the determinants of the character of a “good” person, play a prominent role in sustainable development and are key to creating a more equal and peaceful world. 

This course includes Ethics in Action participants and other distinguished individuals as they discuss global religious and spiritual perspectives on virtue ethics and global inequality. This course calls for interfaith cooperation and communication as necessary for the development of universal virtue ethics to create a sustainable world.

Transcripts available in: English, Español, Русский

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Target Audience

Members of religious and spiritual communities, development professionals, and undergraduate and graduate students studying philosophy and theology.

Learning Objectives

To understand the meaning and prevalence of virtue ethics across belief systems, which virtue ethics are crucial to creating a greater world, and the importance of involving faith communities in decision-making.

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