Direct Access: Unlocking Adaptation Funding


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Course summary

This course introduces participants to the Adaptation Fund accreditation and Environmental, Social and Gender Policy requirements.


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About this course

This e-learning course introduces participants to the concepts and facets of the Adaptation Fund (AF) accreditation process. It also provides an overview of the requirements to comply with the Fund’s Environmental and Social Policy (ESP) and Gender Policy (GP).

The “Direct Access: Unlock Adaptation Funding” e-learning course is an important tool for capacity building at national and subnational level as it tackles the specific challenges and opportunities associated with the Direct Access Modality and, in particular, the capacity gaps in financial management and fiduciary standards, environmental, social and gender standards and its mitigation factors.

The Accreditation section introduces participants to the definition of a Designated Authority and its role in nominating an entity to apply for accreditation to the Adaptation Fund. It also provides an overview of the Adaptation Fund fiduciary standards and ways in which these apply to different types of accreditation processes. Finally, this section also includes the steps and governing bodies involved in the regular accreditation process.

The ESP and GP considerations section introduces participants to the Fund’s projects/programme approval process, compliance with the Fund’s ESP and GP, the ESP risk identification process and requirements, elements of a robust consultative process and grievance mechanism, the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) including Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation requirements and; the relevant ESP and GP compliance in AF funding templates.

Target audience

Government officials: Adaptation Fund Designated Authorities, Adaptation Fund National Implementing Entities focal points, International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Private Sector and Relevant stakeholders.

Learning objectives

After the completion of the course, participants will be able to successfully acquaint with the Adaptation Fund requirements for accreditation and the Fund’s ESP and Requirements for project formulation and implementation intended to help recipients design and implement sustainable projects that not only avoid adverse impacts to people and the environment but help to increase benefits.