Cosmopolitan Communication: Connecting across Diplomats, Business Leaders and Civil Society Actors


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United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Course details

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4 weeks
minimum total of 30 hours
600 USD
Start date
2 November 2020
End date
20 November 2020
Registration deadline
1 November 2020

Course summary

In our globalising societies, individuals and organizations need to develop their cross-cultural competences to operate effectively and avoid prejudices in negotiation processes. This course reinforces the knowledge on the processes of communication and cultural awareness among various cultures.

About this course

The general objective of this e-learning course is to reinforce the knowledge on the processes of communication, to enhance cultural awareness and understand the differences in communication among various cultures. Additionally, it will explore tools and techniques to effectively manage constructive conversations in an intercultural environment.

The course will include the following content:

  • General Knowledge about Communication
  • Concepts of Culture
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Bridges and Barriers to Cosmopolitan Communication

The course is internet-based, moderated by senior international experts, asynchronous, and places emphasis on online discussions and self-paced learning. The participants will be primarily responsible for their own learning over the four-week span of the course. The course will consist of the following components:

Compulsory and optional reading material, intended to teach the basic concepts and principles of the lesson’s subject-matter;

External links to additional books, articles, documents, and websites related to the lessons;

Quizzes and case studies at the end of each module. To be eligible for the course certificate, a passing grade of 80% on both quizzes and case studies is required;

A Community Discussion Board will be available for participants to post questions or comments visible to the instructor and other participants. This discussion board will be moderated by the course director and UNITAR.

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Target audience

The course targets mid to senior-level governmental officials as well as staff of intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations. It also targets entry-level and mid-career diplomats and private and public sector specialists. Postgraduate students with relevant experience in multicultural working environment are also encouraged to apply.

Learning objectives

After this course the participants will be able to:

  • Describe and identify the different types of cosmopolitan communication
  • Apply tools and techniques for effective cosmopolitan communication
  • Identify, explain and react to cultural communication patterns and features
  • Identify and overcome communications barriers and thus be able to act confidently in an intercultural setting.