Climate Action: Solutions for a Changing Planet

This course provides sustainable solutions to climate change, turning climate commitment into climate action.


SDG13: Climate action
Climate Action
1.5°C Pathways
climate action
climate change
green growth
green technology

The widespread acceptance of the Paris Agreement has stimulated the establishment of unprecedented climate commitments across the world. However, how can those commitments be turned into long-term climate action?

To achieve climate commitments, new policy and technology are needed. This course brings together professors and researchers committed to climate action, coming from institutions like Columbia University’s Earth Institute and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD), to provide a detailed and multifaceted understanding of various sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. 

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Target Audience

Graduate and undergraduate students in environmental fields, climate change activists, and sustainable development practitioners.

Learning Objectives

To understand decarbonization and ways to reduce global emissions as a community and an individual. 

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