An Introduction to Land Market Assessment in Complex Urban Settings


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Course summary

This course will introduce approaches and methods to collect and analyze data on the operation of the urban land market.


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About this course

Land market assessments are city‚Äźwide data collection and interpretation exercises designed to aid policymakers by improving our understanding of the land market. Using land market assessments it is possible to build up a clear picture of the geographic patterns of land prices, land uses, and real estate market activities, as well as the demand and supply of land for different market segments or income groups. This course will introduce approaches and methods to collect and analyze data on the operation of the urban land market, both formal and informal. It will demonstrate how the findings of land market assessments can be used to make better planning and investment decisions, or for research to inform policy and regulations.

Target audience

Government planners, city managers, tax departments, infrastructure departments, and regulatory authorities; urban professionals and practitioners; investors and financiers; developers, and researchers and practitioners from academic organizations and other non-government organizations.

Learning objectives

Our goal is to assist participants, after taking this course, to perform the following tasks:

  • understand the nature of land market assessment methods and tools, and how they can enhance decision making
  • understand key land market concepts commonly used to describe the workings of the market, both in the formal and informal sectors
  • select and implement the best approach for assessing the land market in your particular situation, to achieve the purpose you have in mind
  • apply the findings from a land market assessment to guide decision making to influence the future of your city.